Don’t ‘All Lives Matter’ ‘Black Lives Matter’

The most obvious thing is that all people should matter by simply being human. I should not matter more because of the way I look or sound, this principle is simple. The question that we have to ask ourselves however is, is this principle being translated into reality? What is the status quo?

The reality is this, while all lives should matter, we live in a world where some are more equal than others. The world has seen the systemic disenfranchisement of black people not only during the 400 plus years of slavery but 100 years after that and the fragments of those eras are embedded in today’s society legislatively, socially and economically in a more subtle manner generally, and explicit in some contexts. We have to single black lives simply because we have been robbed of resources, opportunities and justice not only in the past but today.

We have seen where one race elevated themselves over one in the past, black people endured the longest period of enslavement and the biggest violation of human rights. Black people were considered as less than human by many ‘scholars’ and treated as such. Through the period of enslavement we were given no access to rights or resources. Countries that had majority black populations were robbed of their resources and reaped no benefits. Imperialist countries mined and took precious minerals and jewelry, they farmed and raped the lands, they controlled the economy and determined what the social narrative should be.

Why is the historical context important?

Four hundred years of slavery set black people back by generations. White people had a four century head start! They had the power to build on their wealth, had access to education and their history. Black people were not given assets, were imprisoned or put to death if they tried to seek an education and was robbed of their history after being displaced from their homelands and watched their libraries and civilizations being burnt to a crisp.

Many white people grew wealthy from a heritage that was left for them by their family, many white people grew up in a stable family system because they did not grow up with a heritage of family displacement, many white people were lucky enough to have access to education and good quality education at that.

Let’s look at the contrast for black people. Fifty years ago black people still were not allowed/ accepted into certain schools, and were only allowed to go to public schools that did not have the proper learning facilities. It is just the other day that black people were not allowed to use the same public facilities as white people, only allowed to take up jobs the elitists allowed them to take; jobs that paid little to nothing. My father is 64 and he grew up under the major racial divides, he worked as a grounds man for white people because that was an ok job in his 20s.

The point is this, The older generation experienced the significant stains of racism, so it means two things:

  1. The older generation of black people were born with obvious disadvantages which makes it very difficult for their children and grand children to assimilate. The disadvantages could be a lack of education, or broken families or no access to wealth.
  2. The older generation of white people are the ones that implemented or sustained the systems that were designed to oppress our older black men and women and this could mean that those systems are still in place, it could also mean that have taught their families that the these systems are just. The children and grand children of many of these keepers to the gate of oppression are born with the advantages and the ideologies in many cases. These advantages could be wealth, access to good quality education, a solid family structure and an understanding of white privilege.

Black people were enslaved for 400 years and and systemically disenfranchised even after discovering self autonomy. The older generation left poor systems (social, economic and infrastructural) behind them without even attempting to tear many of them down. The realities of black people in the 1940s and 50s is still largely apart of their realities today. Today the fragments of a broken system still haunt us, the ideology that black people are bad, that they are less than is still floating around and that’s why we still have black men or women being killed like animals for actions that white people also do. “He resisted arrest” are the shouts of the privileged, yet you’ll watch entire videos of white people resisting arrests and not get prosecuted. You’ll see where white people commit similar crimes but are given lesser sentences.

This system is still flawed, so flawed it hurts. Some people will tell us that the police kill more white people and its true, but here is the issue, while they kill 300+ plus white people you occupy 75% of the population, they kill 250+ black people who occupy only 13% of the population, additionally, many of who are killed don’t even deserve to any more than white offenders; say their names!

They then go ahead to complain about black on black crime to justify the brute force of the law. Black on black crimes are grossly exaggerated in the media, but even if we were to take that argument at its best by addressing the issue of black on black crime, have you ever wondered what the root cause of black on black crime is? Again it is systemic oppression; a lack of resources, stable family structure, access to wealth, racism and prejudice.

We should never be treated as less than because of the outcome of the lottery of birth, we are all humans, for all lives to matter, black lives must matter! If we silence the need for black lives to matter, no energy will be used up to ensure that they are included in the “All lives matter” campaign for humanity. We are more than means to an end, we are more than just a color, we are more than just our circumstances; we are human and equally so.

Truth is 

Truth is… 

I stay because I feel something different, 

I stay because I have faith in you, in us. 

I try because something in me says don’t give up each time I think about giving up. 

I day dream because you give me a new experience every day, you keep my mind wondering, active, you keep me interested and interesting… 

How I you feel towards and about you, how you look after peering through my physical and mental/ spiritual eyes evolve every day, every day, every minute, every second… 

You seem to be more beautiful, more handsome in body and in soul…

Your smile, your warmth, your laugh, your sense of humor, your passion, your ambition, how you communicate, your precision, your hug, your steer, your mind, your heart, your body, you….

I love you 

The justice system in the perspective of a millennial. 

This system is not JUST at all tho, 

It is ICE tho, Ice-cold. 

Where is the law tho? 

The law, the legislations that are supposed to protect civilians from their head to toe. 

Where is Equity tho? 

Where all men a treated fairly, whether rich or poor, whether conservative or a hoe. 

How does one get peace of mind tho, when it can be seen that even after you’ve lost your life there still can be no JUSTICE, to protect the ones you’ve left behind…. 

How tho?

All because the system is not JUST, it’s just ICE, 

~ Patrice Minto

Changing the Perspective

When I was a little girl I used to sit back and listen to people make comparisons of my friends and I. They used to compare our talents, our abilities to speak, our openness, our families and family backgrounds and so much more, then they would never give up the opportunity up to tell me at the end of all the analysis that she is going do better than I will; in school, with our talent (singing) and with our future careers and families. I for years allowed those spoken words to force me to hide me behind the shadows of others so I wouldn’t again have to be belittled, I wouldn’t again have the little confidence I had torn apart.

Often times we become affected by the thoughts and words of others, we care too much about their opinions of us and we shouldn’t, because it is extremely difficult for an individual to know who you are in entirety, heck you don’t even know you in entirety for most of your life, most of your capabilities haven’t yet been unlocked, most of your dreams and fears haven’t yet been discovered, and most of who you are hasn’t been revealed to anyone, your inside thoughts, the depth of anger you possess, the unspoken guilt and mistakes, the unsung dreams and hopes, therefore you should never give the  power to someone who doesn’t even know you (well) enough to define who you are, the moment you do is the moment you’ve lost, because all you’d be doing is confusing yourself, you’d never be living to please you, you’d live an un-fulfilling, unsatisfactory life because the persons who do not know about the missing pieces in your life will be the ones responsible for influencing what you think you need to be, when you don’t need to be that thing, you might spend your whole life trying to fill that impossible, imaginary void. What you need to do is take the pieces of Lego talents you have and use them piece by piece to build a Lego house, when you’ve understood how the pieces fit together you can upgrade the materials used and build a mansion of a personality. You have to try to understand who you are and accept who you are and make no comparisons of who you are to anyone but who you were yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that, because each person is different, all having different voids that can’t be seen from the macroscopic view you’ve been afforded, and some persons are further ahead of you in self development by travelling a different route to fill their gaps, probably ones that you don’t even have.

We must understand that no matter where you are in life people will always see faults, heck you will see them too, but when these people know that you’ve given them the power to undermine yourself they will take the advantage you’ve given them and stand like a fortress against you, this fortress will block you in, block you in with yourself, your only hope. When you are boxed in by all else, if yourself , your last hope, the foundation for rebuilding is saying the same thing the world is, you will feel absolutely miserable, because there is no peace being all alone, there is no stability, no comfort and worst no hope, and you’ll remain absolutely stuck in all that misery; the feeling of being an outcast, feeling sorry for yourself, not taking giant steps to build your career, or even your personality of strength, vigor and courage, they way out becomes increasingly dim, it becomes harder to rebuild that foundation from scratch, and until you do rebuild it, not the people around you, you’ll be trapped in your situations. If you don’t believe in yourself you are giving those around you the right not to believe too, you are the catalyst of your own success, if you don’t believe in you you don’t give others the right to.

“If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life” – Marcus Garvey





What if I told you that what I saw in you was ambition, respect, soulfulness and talent? What if I were to tell you that I waited sometime to even let you know that I noticed you? What If I told you that I thought you were one of the most amazing human beings ever and that I had to find the strength to tell you, by both my words and actions but couldn’t because I became weak to your very presence, and was intimidated by my faulty view into the future?

You would abuse me, use me and put me down. You would realize that you have power over me and use it to manipulate me. I’d be making you feel too high, and that I need you too much you seem to be in-disposable, I’d make you feel too valued and myself undervalued, and then you’d sense my lack of confidence and care even less about your actions towards me. What if I told you the reasons for my fears were justified, and that if I had known that this would happen I wouldn’t make you feel good, I would’ve stayed away from you, and allow my blossoming feeling to wither and dry, to resemble a black dying rose, I’d rather have hopelessness from not trying and knowing than trying and being exposed to this intense level of disappointment, anger and reject.

What if I told you that I was on the path of being a better person and you arose my insecurities? I never felt like I was good enough for you so I tried to create a different version of me to impress you. When that never worked I tried to show you me, but that got shot down too. You never made me feel good enough because I was always shot down and shut out, I had to always be trying, as if you were the only one worth trying for. I never planned to feel this way and I wouldn’t if you had just been born in a different era, if I had never seen you that day, if you were born to different persons, if you weren’t who you are now, and you would if I was born in a different era, if I spoke to you a different day, if I was the child of different persons, and if I wasn’t who I am now.